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Community Guidelines

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By using the Heavyshelf forum, you agree to abide by our community guidelines. We've kept it short and sweet, but do recommend you read through each point so no warnings are applied to your account. While we tend to take a light-handed approach to moderation, we do enforce the following guidelines.


Treat others how you wish to be treated. We're all human here and while we enjoy the odd banter and debate, it's important to not allow that to lead to inflamatory content. There's no excuse for racism or other extreme measures.


We ask that you do not attempt to impersonate members of Heavyshelf or other individuals. Be yourself.

Backseat moderating

It may surprise some, but we have ample resources available to keep the community looking fresh and sharp. Should you come across content that doesn't abide by these guidelines, please use the report feature or contact a member of staff immediately. Don't act like a moderator without being one.

Using spoilers

This may appear as a strange guideline, but we enjoy games just as much as everyone else here. This is why we recommend the use of spoiler tags when discussing sensetive information, including a story. This can avoid the situation where someone has their experience ruined by viewing spoilers and the like ahead of figuring it all out in-game.


Debating politics has gone to extreme levels in recent years and we'd like to keep it off the community forum to the best of our ability. It's fair ground to discuss politics within games, but try to avoid bringing up party politics at random enounters.

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