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Found 2 results

  1. *Game has to be released during Jan 2010-Dec 2019 This will be the official forum thread going forward for all those to list games they feel should be considered. You're welcome to continue the conversation in the game debate channel on Discord for some back and forth. This thread will be best for listing games and making arguments for games that may not be obvious for consideration. On todays podcast at 2pm ET on Twitch.tv/heavyshelf we’ll be starting the discussion that will be ongoing throughout December for Games of the Decade. This list is not final, it’s just a list from what’s been mentioned for consideration so far. We’ll be introducing other games for consideration next week, looking to make it a list of 25. On the back end of the month we’ll attempt to rank them accordingly. Witcher 3 Ori and the Blind Forest Breath of the Wild Pokemon Go Fortnite God of War The Last of Us Stardew Valley Rocket League Skyrim CS:GO PUBG GTAV Doom Borderlands 2
  2. What is the best story that has ever been told with video games? Has there ever been a story that originated somewhere else, but was adapted to a video game that you think made the story better?

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