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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys! I want you to post your pictures of cute animals you find in games and I'm going to score them! There are a few different categories I'll use to score, and they're all based off of the N64 game "Pokemon Snap". There are only two hard and fast rules here: It has to be an animal (no people or objects) and no editing the picture! No crops, zooms, or otherwise edited screenshots. Size - The larger the animal in the frame, the higher your score will be. Don't make it go out of the screen, that will reduce your score. Action - Try not to take a snap of an animal doing nothing, make it interesting! Points will not be removed for a photo of an in-game photo of an animal (for example a screenshot of a photo of a dog framed on a desk). Position - Bonus points if the cutie is in the center of the frame. Multiple cuties - If you get more than one cutie in the picture, your score increases! Overall cuteness - The cuter the photo of the animal, the higher the score. Have fun, and happy snapping!

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