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  1. In a world full of fun and entertaining games that you can mess around with, there are too many options to sort through. However, after staring at my steam games for a while I finally came to the conclusion that I would go with a good old build from a game I play called Smite. Smite is a MOBA like LOL and Dota 2 but it has a 3rd person view instead of a top down. It also has great meme build potential. Now, while there are some great ones out there like building full lifesteal on Anubis so you can heal to full health every time a wave of minions comes by, or building full movement speed on Mercury and just running around the map periodically smacking people to death if you find them alone. However, all these pale in comparison to one build in particular: full attack speed Ymir. For those who don't know, Ymir is a guardian that whenever he hits an opponent with his abilities, his basics deal bonus damage for about 3-4 seconds. Now, by building full attack speed you will be able to hit them about 10 times in those seconds. Is this good? Not at all. Is it hilarious? Absolutely. The build offers no survivability so you will die from a random ult from an enemy god, but your auto attacks do so much damage if you get the kill you will feel so good. Other great memes I've done are mage only in DS3 and DS2, Skyrim stealth run where I leveled my sneak to 100 before exiting Helgen, and super speed Payday 2 loadout.
  2. Zomboid81

    Best story ever told in video games

    I would say that the best story I've ever had in a video game was Halo Reach. The setting: a planet in deep space similar to earth that humans have colonized. You are a member of Noble Team, a group of spartans trained in combat and wearing MJOLNIR armor for protection. Suddenly, a group of aliens known as the Covenant attack. Throughout the game it is a constant firefight between you and the Covenant, running from fight to fight scavenging the corpses of those who fought against you and alongside you for guns and ammo to continue the fight. One by one, four of the six members of Noble Team fall, with deaths ranging from a single shot to the head to staying behind to manually detonate a bomb that literally twists space itself. Eventually, you watch as Noble 3, the only other living member of Noble Team, flies off with orders to protect some VIPs, one of which is Master Chief aka the most important member of the Halo universe, while you stay behind to provide cover fire for their transports. The final mission of the game is an endless onslaught of the Covenant rushing upon you as you just fight to last as long as possible before you finally succumb to their sheer numbers and are brutally killed. In the end, the planet Reach is glassed (blasted with lasers until the planets surface resembles glass) which renders the planet void of all life. What I like about the story of Reach is the impact it has on the rest of the game. This is the game that explains where the AI Cortana comes from, as along with Chief Cortana is also rescued from the planet as well. This is the origin story of the spartan that eventually would become known to the Covenant as the Demon. His story began with the destruction of a planet and the deaths of thousands, but in the end he would get revenge for all of them. This includes your character, who we never see the body of but instead see a helmet with a cracked visor lying in the middle of a destroyed planet. Even better, there is also a book which does go into the details of the destruction of Reach. The best part, the book came out before the video game. This game tells the story of how Reach fell, and gives even more details to a book that was published nine years before the game came out. What more story can you ask for from a game?
  3. Zomboid81

    Best weapons/tools in video games

    1. Goron Mask from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The ability to transform into a creature that can just roll around at quick speeds would allow me to get from point a to point b at a good pace and, if fast enough, might be a suitable replacement for a car. Especially if I get the spikes that stick out. 2. Portal Gun from Portal series. Who wouldn't want to fool around with the ability to move between two separate points instantaneously? Plus imagine all the pranks you could do with it. 3. Last Prism from Terraria. Ability to fire giant rainbow laser. Enough has been said.

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