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    Heavyshelf Podcast Details

    I have heard the first episode of the podcast, but I can't find the others anywhere. There's an event tag which says a new one is coming up, but no information about where/how I can listen. Can someone hold my hand through this? I'm lost, scared, and need an adult.
  2. Phallen Cassidy

    Neat Spells/Abilities in Games?

    I'm working on a silly project and drawing "heavy inspiration" (read: plagiarizing) off of a few games. I have been leaning on one game in particular for spells, but want to drift away (even if in name only) and naturally need to look somewhere else for further "inspiration." So, from the humble magician's "generic projectile" to the powerful Hyper Beam, what are some of your favorite spells? Offense, defense, utility, you name it -- what are some effects you hope to see in any game?
  3. Phallen Cassidy

    What was your first step in developing a game?

    The first step is choosing a medium. You need some way to make it more than just an idea, otherwise you're an artist with no canvas (and no brush). Most people assume that this must be a programming language, but Gary's Mod, the StarCraft StarEdit, and even Minecraft are possible ways to bring your game to life. Some of the greatest games around (DotA, Team Fortress, CounterStrike) were once just a part of another game. The Tower Defense genre as we know it is due in no small part to the modding community of WarCraft III, and StarCraft before it. Heck, now a DotA 2 mod has spawned a game: AutoChess (that makes it a stand-alone game of a mod of a stand-alone game of a rework of a mod based on a mod for a game, for those of you keeping count). For many game types this can be the best choice, and people have gotten very creative with how they can use the constraints of a game to build something new and fun. I think momentum comes a bit later, when you're able to start your game (well, the beginnings of one anyway) up and accomplish a goal. Any goal. Your goal could be as simple as "spawn an enemy" or "compile this bit of code without errors." All that matters is that you prove to yourself that it can be done. Once you accomplish a goal, it's easy to continue piling on little victories. Now my enemy spawns at a certain time. Now he can move. Now he has health. Now there's a dozen of them. Snowballing your wins is a powerful tool.
  4. Phallen Cassidy

    Best weapons/tools in video games

    I think I took the question the wrong way at first – these are innate equipment of characters in certain games: 1. The grappling hook from Just Cause 2. Not only a fun way to get around, but a great teacher of the ancient Tibetan wisdom that "the best way to prevent fall damage is to fall faster." 2. The Engineer’s wrench from TF2. With a bit of scrap metal and good wrench-swinging form, nothing compares to its ability to beat functionality into mechanical or electrical devices. Car trouble? Give it a few solid hits and she’ll be purring in no time. Appliance actively shooting sparks in every direction? Wallop; repeat as necessary. Computer problems? Whack whack. 3. The bionic eye in GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. I’m quite attached to my eye as-is, but this would be a suitable alternative: it lets you alter magnetic and electric energies to hack stuff, deflect bullets, see through walls. You know, the usual stuff. For items and tools actually acquired, here’s my top 3: 1. The Research Camera from Bioshock. In the game, you can take pictures of things (people, creatures, robots) to learn from and about them. For example, taking pictures of a stealthy/teleporting enemy allows the player to be more effective fighting it, predict its movements, and unlock an invisibility power-up. Extrapolating from there, all I’ve got to do is get close enough to something to learn its secrets. The agility of a squirrel, the strength of a bear, the release date of Half-Life 3… Just a few snaps away. 2. The Zora Tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Breathing underwater just sounds neat. Not really sure what I’d do with it though – loot the Titanic? 3. The Homerun Bat in Super Smash Bros. Weapon of champions.

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