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  1. After our Round 1 Discussion for Games of the Decade here is where the contenders currently stand after gathering the notes on everyones picks. (THESE ARE NOT RANKED) Only grouped for the time being, later in the month we will attempt to rank them. I have listed below "Contenders for Consideration" made up of highly rated and award nominated games that others may have forgotten about in our initial round of listing games. For this Round of Discussion we're going to allow for some wiggle to go up to about 30 games to consider for the Top 25 list. During the podcast we will fiddle it down to 25 after thorough debate. CURRENT TOP TIER Fallout New Vegas Fortnite God of War GTAV Skyrim The Witcher 3 Overwatch CURRENT BOTTOM TIER Borderlands 2 Detroit Become Human Pokemon Go Stardew Valley Doom Red Dead Redemption 2 Rocket League The Last of Us Breath of the Wild CS:GO Ori and the Blind Forest PUBG Titanfall 2 CONTENDERS FOR CONSIDERATION 2010 Civilization 5 Super Meat Boy Metro 2033 Halo Reach Mass Effect 2 BioShock 2 Fallout New Vegas Red Dead Redemption Starcraft 2 Alan Wake 2011 To the Moon Portal 2 Batman Arkham City Deus Ex Human Revolution LA Noire Dark Souls Battlefield 3 Skyrim Bastion Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch 2012 Dishonored The Walking Dead Mass Effect 2 Journey Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Diablo 3 Xcom Enemy Unkown Borderlands 2 FTL CSGO Fez 2013 GTAV The Last of Us Bioshock Infinite Tomb Raider Super Mario 3d World Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag The Stanley Parable Papers Please Dota 2 2014 Dragon Age: Inquisition Bayonetta 2 Dark Souls 2 Hearthstone Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Shovel Knight Broken Age Monument Valley Transistor The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 2015 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Bloodborne Fallout 4 Metal Gear Solid V Super Mario Maker Rocket League Axiom Verge Her Story Ori and the blind Forest Undertale 2016 Overwatch Doom Inside Titanfall 2 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Firewatch Hyper Light Drifter Stardew Valley The Witness 2017 The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Horizon Zero Dawn Super Mario Odyssey Persona 5 PUBG Cuphead Hellblade’s Senua’s Sacrifice Night in the Woods Pyre What Remains of Edith Finch Nier Automata 2018 Celeste Red Dead Redemption 2 Monster Hunter Assassins Creed Odyssey Spider-Man God of War Return of the Obra Dinn Dead Cells The Messenger Into the Breach Detroit Become Human 2019 Control Death Stranding Suer Smash Bros Ultimate Resident Evil 2 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice The Outer Worlds Outer Wilds Baba is You Unitlted. Goose Game Disco Elysium Katana Zero
  2. Yeah I feel its going to break down as Top 5 are absolute Legends, next 10 were great, maybe some masters of their niche on spot 15-20, and 21-25 will probably end up feeling like honorable mentions. We'll see Im not trying to purposefully organize them in anyway. Oh snap how have we NOT included Overwatch
  3. *Game has to be released during Jan 2010-Dec 2019 This will be the official forum thread going forward for all those to list games they feel should be considered. You're welcome to continue the conversation in the game debate channel on Discord for some back and forth. This thread will be best for listing games and making arguments for games that may not be obvious for consideration. On todays podcast at 2pm ET on Twitch.tv/heavyshelf we’ll be starting the discussion that will be ongoing throughout December for Games of the Decade. This list is not final, it’s just a list from what’s been mentioned for consideration so far. We’ll be introducing other games for consideration next week, looking to make it a list of 25. On the back end of the month we’ll attempt to rank them accordingly. Witcher 3 Ori and the Blind Forest Breath of the Wild Pokemon Go Fortnite God of War The Last of Us Stardew Valley Rocket League Skyrim CS:GO PUBG GTAV Doom Borderlands 2
  4. West

    DIY Tabletop Stuff

    I’ve thought about recreating Call of Duty’s Shoothouse 24/7 Map in Fortnite
  5. The jig is up. I admit it, I use to hate Minecraft, and now it's part of my daily routine. As a complete and utter noob, I would like to share some of my thoughts on what's pulled me into playing. For one, how malleable the world is. Within reason, if you can think it, you can build it. As someone who likes to build things, like Heavyshelf itself (weird flex, I know, but lemme do it.) I'm finding that my playstyle is hyperfocused on architecture. So dub me the architect. I also like seeing just how different everyone else's playstyles seem to be. @Spy The humble merchant, always at work, and eager to trade. @chiggin The simple Chicken farmer. @Rembo The Renaissance man of the server, perhaps the lands Leonardo Da Vinci when it comes to building contraptions. @Azariah The willing neighbor, but he's only going to help you with something once, otherwise you need to learn how to do things on your own. @MooseGoneMad Then there's Moose, to be honest, he just seems sketchy to me. Either way, it's been a good first few days with Minecraft, and it has given me that sense of wonder that often fades away with video games when you get older. So I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has in store. Humble beginnings of my Grand Castle Moutain.
  6. Welcome, For the time being, we're using this club as the official signup for the Official Heavyshelf Minecraft Club/Server. Rules and more details to follow. Refrain from posting in "The Diamond Pen" until allowed otherwise. Thank You.
  7. West

    Heavyshelf Podcast Details

    Sorry for the confusion and unreasonably long delay in response. The previous podcast episodes were on a computer that was in need of repair so the audio files couldn't be accessed until recently. All of the previous podcasts will start to trickle onto iTunes and YouTube over the next coming days. We'll also update the details on the events calendar soon.
  8. West

    Neat Spells/Abilities in Games?

    I was just thinking of this mixed with Spy's suggestion. The ability would be invisibility and you could either use it with limitations (lower mana) to sneak up on enemies, but you have higher health to deal with them, OR trade of health, and risk it, but if you made the right call you have enough invisibility to clear the entire level or area without encountering anyone. The kicker would be that if you do that once, you wouldn't be able to get up to full health again for the remainder of the level. Maybe only 75% health, that way it's balanced, and you aren't just fading into the either every few minutes after waiting on your mana to recharge.
  9. I'll have to put some more thought into it, but when I first got into streaming I thought I was doing something really unique when I decided to do a run of Skyrim as a stealth archer. No other weapons allowed whatsoever. Little did I know that thousands of other people had come up with the same idea.
  10. One of the good arguments I've heard so far is that it feels good to start at ground zero with everyone else being at the same rank. So people feel they are more in it together. (Then again as the days go by that fact is going to change because of the people who are playing around the clock)
  11. Now that WoW Classic is out, is it worth playing if you’ve never played it before? Sometimes people have rose-tinted glasses when remembering how good a show, movie, or a game really was. So, to be more specific, for people who haven’t experienced it yet, do you think people should play World of Warcraft Classic to get the purest experience of what an MMO RPG is or is there another game that would be a better way to spend their time and why?
  12. West

    Best weapons/tools in video games

    I see mobility is a priority for you. Could be a hell of a boss battle to try and pin down, but even when someone did they would still have to worry about Last Prism.
  13. Its been tough because there are so many good ones, but only some are still fresh in my memory, so I'm going to take the easy way out and go with my personal latest BEST OF story... Let's be honest, the best story is the latest God of War. Not that it has the absolute best writing, but definitely the scop and sale of the story are literally on godly levels. A father and son story about a God who has to raise a boy not to just become a man, but a friggin' GOD. And raise him to be a good God even though Kratos has been perhaps the blood lustiest, angry, and hateful, god of them all.
  14. What is the best story that has ever been told with video games? Has there ever been a story that originated somewhere else, but was adapted to a video game that you think made the story better?

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