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  1. A revolution is on the horizon, where will y’all stand?
  2. He had terminal lumbago (they updated the character creation so I remade my character to look a lot more like me).
  3. Uncle Reverend Ruckus - my old Red Dead Redemption character, he was a big feller, had a bit of a drinking problem, but who didn’t. Had a real big beard despite not having any hair on top of his head. R.I.P.
  4. Spy

    Neat Spells/Abilities in Games?

    Invisibility is always a fun one, it can be used to attack or to hide or to sneak ar- 「 ZA WARUDO 」 ゴゴ STOP TIME ゴゴ
  5. I’ve never actually played any MMOs, but in general with games I would recommend playing the new stuff and getting used to that then go back to see the older stuff if you’re interested, can’t speak for WoW tho
  6. When a game dies is completely relative to the game. For example, Minecraft will (most likely) never die despite being about 10 years old, but on the other hand we have popular Triple A games like COD and Battlefield, I would consider every game that is not the newest in the series to be dead and not quite worth playing (imo). Although, if your vibing a certain type of game or a specific game you should play it and not let the fact that it may be dead discourage you. For me that game is Killing Floor 2, that game is extremely dead, but and my friends still love to go back and play some games of it every once in a while.
  7. Spy

    The Console Bible.

    In the beginning there was PC, PC made a lot of things, you all know the story, but on the 6th day, PC made PS4. But PC saw that PS4 was lonely, so PC took a ram stick from PS4 and created XBOX with it. All was well. There was only one rule, do not eat the fruit of pay to play. Everything was good till one day the SouljaGame appeared to XBOX. SouljaGame persuaded XBOX to try the fruit of pay to play. Once XBOX experienced the power of pay to play it wanted to tell PS4. XBOX persuaded PS4 to try the fruit of pay to play. PC asked them what was going on? PS4 new it had sinned and quickly pleaded and asked for forgiveness and even tried to bribe PC with free games and exclusives. PC new what they had done. PC told to them you shall be banished from this land and forever mocked by the PC master race community. As PS4 and XBOX were being forced to leave they could hear things like “lol imagine having to pay for your internet that you already pay for lol xd rawr uwu” Some years passed and PS4 and XBOX had two children, Sega, the first born and Nintendo, the second born. Sega was to inherit everything as the first born and Nintendo was spiteful and had concealed hatred for Sega. So one day Nintendo plotted to kill Sega. Nintendo suck up behind Sega and smashed Sega’s head with a Switch. Once people found out what Nintendo had done Nintendo tried to say it wasn’t them. But the people knew and Nintendo was cursed to never have more power than your average phone. Feel free to add what you want or give feedback lol.
  8. Spy

    Apex vs Fortnite

    Apex will kill Fortnite. By the end of 2019 the majority of Fortnite players will be playing Apex unless something new comes up. This is my prediction.
  9. But we all know nothing can beat Minecraft hunger games. 😁
  10. The way I see it right now the best battle royale at the end of the year will most likely be Apex, unless we see something new come up within now and then. They have made a polished game and innovated a lot which you don’t see very often in the BR genre. Another big one I can see at the top is Black Ops’ Blackout. It’s simple, realistic (for those who like that over the cartoon look), and allows for some very strategic gameplay with the variety of equipment it has.
  11. Spy

    Pet Pics

    Found an older pic featuring my cat, Pepper, and my Sony Gold Headphones. She was sleeping in them and I find that priceless.
  12. Spy

    Pet Pics


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