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  1. Deathsinger

    5 Best games for the Nintendo Switch?

    Breath of the Wild, Mario Oddessy
  2. Deathsinger

    The Console Bible.

    Praise be Edit: More pls
  3. Deathsinger

    Retro Video Games

    Too young for true retro games, feelsbadman.
  4. With WoW's declining approval and player base, and many unhappy with the current state of the game what do you think are the MMO's that can fill that space or excel at what they do already?
  5. Deathsinger

    Does anyone actually use light mode?

    @MooseGoneMad Yeah it's pog
  6. Deathsinger

    Apex vs Fortnite

    #1 Epic Victory Royale for Apex? @Spy
  7. Deathsinger

    Apex vs Fortnite

    Do you think that Apex is on the way to replace Fortnite or will it fade? OR can they both exist in the same space?
  8. Deathsinger

    Deep Dive Galactic

    That is definitely interesting and probably something I would enjoy
  9. Deathsinger

    Pet Pics

  10. Deathsinger

    advice and repentance i guess

    @AmericanRaven Goddamnit
  11. Deathsinger

    Does anyone actually use light mode?

    @Sylvanas Yes... Have you been using light mode?
  12. Deathsinger

    Favourite screencaps?

  13. And if so, why do you enjoy torturing yourself? Is this a cry for help?
  14. Deathsinger

    Mortal Kombat 11: Fight Me

    @Slyrunner What were your thoughts on the gameplay trailer?
  15. Deathsinger

    Future Streams

    @Rich Edmonds Maybe someday 😉

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