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  1. There's a new event coming in March that mixes TERA and PUBG and I actually have no idea what to think of it. These are two drastically different games. Thoughts? Can anyone think of other weird cross-overs in games?
  2. Sylvanas

    Retro Video Games

    What are your favourites? Also, what's even considered to be a "retro" game these days? I am pretty fond of the original Harvest Moon game for the Gameboy Advance. Also, I just need to share the most hilarious box art I've seen in months:
  3. Sylvanas

    Apex vs Fortnite

    It looks like dragons might be coming to Fortnite, so it doesn't look like they're done innovating by any means. I expect that it will likely go as Overwatch and CS:GO have gone, where both exist in a sort of shared market.
  4. Sylvanas

    Does anyone actually use light mode?

    ...There's a dark mode for the forum?
  5. Sylvanas

    Favourite screencaps?

    Keep them coming!
  6. Sylvanas

    Favourite screencaps?

    A cool one from Slyrunner's Ashen review.
  7. Sylvanas


    I guess Christmas was a thing.
  8. Sylvanas

    Favourite screencaps?

    Here's my all time favourite from GRIS.
  9. Sylvanas

    Battered Chrimbo dinner anyone?

    It's perfect. (I hate Christmas.)
  10. Sylvanas

    Pet Pics

    Pretty much everyone at Heavyshelf knows I have a dog by now (Sorry for the occasional talking to him while I'm not muted on stream or in voice chat...) but did you know that he's adorable. Share your adorable with us! This is Sonic.
  11. Sylvanas


    I still haven't managed to put up Christmas decorations.
  12. Sylvanas

    Gamer Tags

    Hey, feel free to drop your gamer tags here. Add me on Steam if you want. Battletag: Aeral#1620

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