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    If you could have any 3 weapons or tools from any video game, what would they be and why? As far as tools, for instance, imagine if you could have the pickaxe from Minecraft, and it gave you the ability to mine and break down any material from any other game.
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    I think I took the question the wrong way at first – these are innate equipment of characters in certain games: 1. The grappling hook from Just Cause 2. Not only a fun way to get around, but a great teacher of the ancient Tibetan wisdom that "the best way to prevent fall damage is to fall faster." 2. The Engineer’s wrench from TF2. With a bit of scrap metal and good wrench-swinging form, nothing compares to its ability to beat functionality into mechanical or electrical devices. Car trouble? Give it a few solid hits and she’ll be purring in no time. Appliance actively shooting sparks in every direction? Wallop; repeat as necessary. Computer problems? Whack whack. 3. The bionic eye in GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. I’m quite attached to my eye as-is, but this would be a suitable alternative: it lets you alter magnetic and electric energies to hack stuff, deflect bullets, see through walls. You know, the usual stuff. For items and tools actually acquired, here’s my top 3: 1. The Research Camera from Bioshock. In the game, you can take pictures of things (people, creatures, robots) to learn from and about them. For example, taking pictures of a stealthy/teleporting enemy allows the player to be more effective fighting it, predict its movements, and unlock an invisibility power-up. Extrapolating from there, all I’ve got to do is get close enough to something to learn its secrets. The agility of a squirrel, the strength of a bear, the release date of Half-Life 3… Just a few snaps away. 2. The Zora Tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Breathing underwater just sounds neat. Not really sure what I’d do with it though – loot the Titanic? 3. The Homerun Bat in Super Smash Bros. Weapon of champions.
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    1. The Minish Cap from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Turn tiny with an awesome bird hat. I love it. 2. The Junk Jet from Fallout 4. Ammo is expensive, unless it's junk! Slap some upgrades on it and you have a weapon that is both devastating and cheap to fire. Also, you can pick up whatever you shot, so infinite ammo! 3. A master ball. I'd catch something cool and order it to do cool things. Imagine not being able to ride a tiger into battle.
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    Pretty much everyone at Heavyshelf knows I have a dog by now (Sorry for the occasional talking to him while I'm not muted on stream or in voice chat...) but did you know that he's adorable. Share your adorable with us! This is Sonic.
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    While Fallout: New Vegas and Half Life 1 (and Opposing Force) come to mind, I think an inherent problem with many such stories is the grand scale removes you from some of the impact of it. While impressive, these stories often read more like histories. I find that the best stories often impact the player more than just the choices they make in game. For me, of games I've played, A Story About My Uncle has to be the best story I've experienced. The game does a masterful job in telling a story without simply saying it. By the time you reach the end, the entire story line snaps together in a sudden clarity that has not been paralleled by any game I've played since. The entire time you swing around floating islands you don't expect the game to have much meaning to it, but when you reach the very end it all becomes much more clear. It is a success on so many fronts. Firstly, the story isn't good because of the gameplay. I think many people will give shoddy story a pass when the gameplay is good enough because it acts like a kind of cushion. "Yeah, the reason you're shooting bad guys in the arctic might be surface-level, but the act of shooting bad guys is fun, so it all levels out." A Story About My Uncle doesn't have that kind of cushion to sell the story. It works entirely unaided. Secondly, the story is hidden from you the entire game, but is still present the entire game. The amount of genius it takes to achieve a story that is told from the beginning but only perceived at the end is absolutely astounding (especially when coming from the people who made Goat Simulator, for goodness sake). Finally, the story completely transcended the game. In Fallout, the stories and quests often affect my actions in game. I think back to quests like "Cold, Cold Heart" where Caesar's Legion just burned Nipton to the ground and recall how I didn't let a single Legion soldier escape. That story was brief, high quality, and impacted my actions: all around a good story, then. But A Story About My Uncle made me step away from my computer in shock. I didn't do anything but stare blankly for a few minutes after completing it. A story that touching told so delicately and completely unreliant on gameplay (yet still experienced and understood in part through the gameplay) has got to be the best I've experienced and one of the greatest ever told. I would add a spoiler flair and tell what the story is really about, but the game itself is so good giving a synopsis is seriously insulting to the masterful story telling on the part of the devs. A Story About My Uncle. Final answer. Locking it in.
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    1. A Skyrim sword of absorb health (self explanatory) 2. Minecraft infinity bow (with flaming arrows of course) 3. The TTT eagleflight gun. For some reason I am absolutely OP with that and can snipe people from across the map (from across any map, in fact)
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    This is Dennis... often lovingly referred to as "King Dennis" by my SO. He's a leopard gecko... we think he's a giant morph because the fat boy made us upgrade from a 10 to a 20 gallon tank when he just kept growing! For some reason, he absolutely hates his plastic horse. You can see it on its side in the background of the pics... no matter how many times I set it up, he will trample it down immediately after I walk away.
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    In the beginning there was PC, PC made a lot of things, you all know the story, but on the 6th day, PC made PS4. But PC saw that PS4 was lonely, so PC took a ram stick from PS4 and created XBOX with it. All was well. There was only one rule, do not eat the fruit of pay to play. Everything was good till one day the SouljaGame appeared to XBOX. SouljaGame persuaded XBOX to try the fruit of pay to play. Once XBOX experienced the power of pay to play it wanted to tell PS4. XBOX persuaded PS4 to try the fruit of pay to play. PC asked them what was going on? PS4 new it had sinned and quickly pleaded and asked for forgiveness and even tried to bribe PC with free games and exclusives. PC new what they had done. PC told to them you shall be banished from this land and forever mocked by the PC master race community. As PS4 and XBOX were being forced to leave they could hear things like “lol imagine having to pay for your internet that you already pay for lol xd rawr uwu” Some years passed and PS4 and XBOX had two children, Sega, the first born and Nintendo, the second born. Sega was to inherit everything as the first born and Nintendo was spiteful and had concealed hatred for Sega. So one day Nintendo plotted to kill Sega. Nintendo suck up behind Sega and smashed Sega’s head with a Switch. Once people found out what Nintendo had done Nintendo tried to say it wasn’t them. But the people knew and Nintendo was cursed to never have more power than your average phone. Feel free to add what you want or give feedback lol.
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    If I were to buy a Nintendo Switch, what are the 5 games I should buy to get the most out of the Nintendo Switch?
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    For those who have gotten into game development, other than the idea phase, what was your first step in making a video game? When did it feel like you really had momentum and it was more than just an idea that you were tinkering with?
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    What is the best story that has ever been told with video games? Has there ever been a story that originated somewhere else, but was adapted to a video game that you think made the story better?
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    I have to say that so far the best story I've played is in GTA V. I haven't completely finished it so I can't confirm that it doesn't get bad at the end, but so far I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to play as Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. I didn't know how much I was going to enjoy playing 3 "different" storylines (I know they intersect a lot, but it's still 3 different characters with different goals and personalities) but so far I really have loved how it keeps things moving. I love how I can shred in a gang shootout at the recycling plant with Franklin and then immediately change pace and go to the psychologist with Michael. If I get bored of that, I can then switch to Trevor and try to grow his meth business. I also really like the traits and qualities of the characters. For example, Michael is a guy who has done a lot of bad things but overall seems like a decent guy at heart. On the other hand, Trevor is a piece of crap and deserves everything that comes his way. As far as I can tell, he doesn't deserve a redeeming character ark and I honestly hope he doesn't get one in the end. To sum up my poorly and quickly written post, I think GTA V tells a great, movie-like story through the different characters which manages to keep it interesting throughout the many, many hours of gameplay.
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    When it comes to video games, I'm not necessarily what one would consider "good"-- quite frankly, I don't care to be. When I play games, I generally just do it to have a good time with my friends or to pass the time; I don't care how my performance stacks up against others. There is, however, one game that has been different for me in that regard. Bethesda's "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" changed my perspective on games during my first play through, and even now, as I'm on my third play through (this time doing a sort of dual-run with my significant other) I realize how much I love this game and the way it allows me to be good. I'm not here to tell you much about the story, as I've seen so many people and reviewers talk about how good/bad the story is. If you're like me, you don't really care so much about the story. While I think it's good enough to keep you interested and entertained, I don't think that it's the biggest selling point of Skyrim. What keeps me so enthralled and wanting to come back for more is the world and how easy it is. The world is, in my opinion, absolutely beautiful. Yes, there are many other games that have been produced in the last few years that are objectively better in visual quality and sheer size, but as far as being the perfect size and "explorability" Skyrim is king. The Skyrim map is just the right size, as it's not so big that traveling to places you haven't discovered (or even traveling hold to hold) is tedious. Also, in order to keep it exciting, the enemies you meet (wolves, trolls, giants, bandits, etc.) along the way challenge your ability to snap out of whatever staring-state you're in and go directly to combat. I personally also really like the ability to "cheat the map". I like being able to slide down vertical rock faces by holding back on the controller and jump up near vertical cliffs by jumping and zig-zagging your way up. I know that it's technically a flaw, but I can be lazy and sometimes those mountain ridges are ALWAYS in the way of where I want to go (I mean, who wants to walk all the way around the mountain when going from Whiterun to Ivarstead?). Going off of the ability to cheat the map, I like how easy Skyrim can be. With the third play through that I'm working on, I use one-handed weapons (swords) and my partner uses two-handed weapons (battle-axes) and both of us can insta-kill low level enemies (like draugr and bandits) despite basically having just started. It bothers him, but I honestly love it. I, as a casual, don't want to have to die a thousand times just to complete a quest. There are so many possible quests that it's not like the game needs you to struggle for a while on any one particular quest. On my previous play throughs I've been able to destroy giants and trolls by level 35, which I feel indicates a pretty easy timeline considering how difficult those guys are to defeat early game. I can see where someone who really wants a game to be challenging may find Skyrim too easy. For me, and others like me, it's perfect. If you want a game where you can both play casually and absolutely wreck enemies at a low level, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may be the game you want to try.
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    Because of this thread, my life on the Heavyshelf forums has been changed forever. Thanks guys.
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    If Fortnite does not take advantage of its creative mode, it will die. If it does, it'll be so different from Apex (and with so many non-shooting gameplay options) that it'll survive on its own just fine. As a battle royal game, Apex will beat out Fortnite. As a game over all: I think that it is whether or not Fortnite goes all in on creative mode.
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    It looks like dragons might be coming to Fortnite, so it doesn't look like they're done innovating by any means. I expect that it will likely go as Overwatch and CS:GO have gone, where both exist in a sort of shared market.
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    Yeah, though I'm a fan of Fortnite I think it will easily be seen as a firm second to Apex in the Battle Royale genre. Apex's polish is undeniable, but unsurprising to those who have been playing Titanfall 2 still. It's good to see others getting a chance to experience the polish, and fluid movement that Respawn Entertainment can produce. That being said, there's a server disconnect 1 out of 3 matches at this point. If they don't fix that soon, and if Fortnite brings something refreshing to the table in their upcoming season... then the fight for the #1 Battle Royale spot is still on In my opinion.
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    Thread revival time, featuring my all-time-favorite copypasta about hats:
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    Apex is, in one way, simpler (no building) to attract some people I know who really disliked the building aspect. The shooting mechanics are nice and the shooting, looting, and even abilities are all easy to use, but can be strategic and competitive. It offers all the competitiveness (in my opinion) of PUBG, but with next level polish that PUBG still hasn't been able to come close to. It also has made the game easier to play without compromising the skill level needed to be good (ie. an intuitive ping system, easy to use abilities and items, a very simple and intelligent inventory system where attachments auto-equip and optimize your loadout). I'm definitely biased since I was never a big fan of Fortnite, but I did enjoy PUBG for what it was and enjoy jumping into the BR-style game for some quick fun with friends. Apex is perfect for this.
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    Apex will kill Fortnite. By the end of 2019 the majority of Fortnite players will be playing Apex unless something new comes up. This is my prediction.
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    Took a moment to find where it is. For anyone who doesn't know: at the bottom of each page you can find "Theme" right next to Privacy Policy and Contact Us. Left-click the downwards pointing arrow and select "Evil" for the dark mode. I expected to find this under Settings, so it's easy to miss.
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    Found an older pic featuring my cat, Pepper, and my Sony Gold Headphones. She was sleeping in them and I find that priceless.
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    We've got this cute "cat gun" on our TTT server! It's called the M1A0 (which I think is hilarious). It does 5 damage a shot and is automatic, so it's a pretty good weapon.

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